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Prepare your plans for the spring in the fall!

Prepare your plans for the spring in the fall!

If you want to undertake a building project in the spring, you should get started in the autumn. Most construction companies are already planning by then the first projects they will be working on during the spring. Fall is a great time to check the availability of a contractor to be at the top of their list of projects in the spring. Especially if this is your first home and you are planning a new building, you will probably want to leave by July 1st, when your lease ends.

Every professional construction company will want to see your plans before they bid on your project. Beware of contractors who just scribble a simple sketch and use that to estimate the total costs of the project, promising beautiful results. To propose a bid at the right price, a contractor needs all the details provided by a plan. And most importantly, to make sure you like the project, you need to see it from all sides with drawings in 3 dimensions. Today’s technologies allow us to create 3D visualizations much faster than before. This allows us to offer this service at very reasonable prices. You will also avoid surprises with these 3D renderings, as you will have visualized your construction or renovation project from all perspectives. As for the technical construction plan, it protects you and the contractor, because on the basis of a sketch, you are confined to the entrepreneur’s vision of your project. However, his interpretation may not correspond to your vision of the project.

So if you are planning on building a house or renovating one in the spring, you will need to start by getting your plans prepared!


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