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Wood heating

Wood heating

When the autumn comes, chimneys start smoking again. As with all devices, some rules must be followed with wood heating appliances to ensure safety, but also to protect the environment. Towards the end of the 80s, new technologies were developed in wood heating, reviving this industry by making it more efficient and safer.

Chimney sweeping will remove all creosote residues that may have accumulated during the previous heating season. The removal of creosote can prevent chimney fires. Indeed, Canada’s National Fire Prevention Code states that an accumulation of more than 3 mm of creosote or soot on the walls is a fire risk. This procedure is ideally done during the spring or early summer because that is when the residues are easiest to remove. It is also important to learn the right combustion techniques to prevent smoldering. To safely heat with wood, it is essential to use dried wood, split to the right size for your heating device. It is also important to choose an appliance that respects the environment.

Whether you buy a new or used device, choose one that is certified to comply with current environmental standards. By determining the right size and the best location for an appliance in your house, you will increase the efficiency of your wood heating. By renovating your house to make it more energy efficient, you will also need to burn less wood every year, which is also good for the environment.


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