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Difference between a technician in architecture and a professional architectural technologist

Difference between a technician in architecture and a professional architectural technologist

The technicians are graduates of a technical college program in architecture. Their knowledge in the field of science and technology allows them to execute detailed quality plans.

To become a technologist, a graduate technician must become a member of the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec (“Ordre des Technologues Professionnels du Québec” or OTPQ). To become a member, the technician’s academic record and experience is submitted to a rigorous analysis. The technologist must observe procedures established by the professional body and sporadic inspections take place to check the compliance of the work done by the technologist. Additionally, the technologist must hold professional liability insurance. When all these requirements are met, the technologist receives a seal bearing a number and his name.

Technologists and technicians in architecture start their design projects by first finding out about the current regulations of the city or municipality where the construction project will take place. They then prepare technical drawings using a computer and they make sure they comply with the current rules of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC).

Selecting for your project a technologist who is a member of Quebec’s certifying body OTPQ will provide you peace of mind about this professional and the team under his supervision. There are several elements to consider when undertaking a construction or renovation project. You can make sure that no detail is left to chance and that the project runs smoothly by working with the best professionals in the field.

Some cities and municipalities actually even require the seal of a technologist on plans, as a guarantee of professionalism and quality. Do your research before undertaking any project with a professional. You can always check the registration of Mustapha Nabih, professional technologist and owner of Nabi-Tek in the Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec at this address:




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